XITE Introduction

XITE is server application platform with the ability to dynamically organize parts of source code in standard C. XITE offers simple implementation, simple integration and extremely high performance of the resulting on-line applications.

XITE characteristics

  • implementation of on-line services in C
  • dynamic management of symbols
  • WebSocket native support
  • UTF-8 native support
  • compatibility with pre-XITE libraries
  • overwriting memory with sensitive data
  • powerful monolithic control of input / output

Protocols and Standards in XITE

Dynamic compilation in XITE

For standard on-line applications, XITE allows the use of compiler and linker by another producer (e.g. GCC). For on-line applications with extreme production demands, XITE uses its own integrated compiler and linker the operation and resulting application of which work independently on the file system.

Implementing in XITE

Implementing of applications in XITE does not require any specific studies, only the knowledge of standard C language is sufficient. The writing of source code can be simply combined with parts in HTML, XML, NOMY, etc.

Integrating in XITE

Integrating of existing libraries (pre-XITE) with applications in XITE is allowed through simple copying of relevant files in the directory of a specific domain. In this way, any library organized independently on XITE can be instantly used on-line.

Application performance in XITE

High performance of applications implemented in XITE is not only caused by the absence of interpretation factor (characteristic for simpler platforms), but also by the way of implementation of the order controller of input and output and by many other factors.

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